Let everything that has breath...

The Truth Infusion Worship Band is excited about preaching Jesus, through song, for your congregation.

Truth Infusion Worship Band

Praise and worship, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Hymns...old or new...traditional or contemporary...there's nothing like music that is inspired and anointed by the Holy Spirit! It's an indescribable experience when the King of Kings allows the peasant into His presence. Truth Infusion Ministries is energized and thrilled to minister the music of heaven to your congregation.

Almost Home
Truth Infusion

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Ti Christmas
Truth Infusion

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Same Old New Song
Truth Infusion

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The Gift
Johnny Payte

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The Jordan Project
David Markham

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Alabaster Box

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  • How Marvelous.mp3
  • I Can't Even Walk.mp3
  • He Set Me Free.mp3
  • Get Away Jordan.mp3
  • Funeral Plans.mp3
  • At the Cross.mp3
  • It Was For You.mp3
  • Power In The Blood.mp3
  • He Is Worthy.mp3
  • Keep Singing.mp3
  • Praise You In This Storm.mp3
  • Come To Jesus.mp3

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and TRUTH.

The heart of Ti's music department is the Truth Infusion Worship Band. As individuals, each band member is an active leader in their own home church. Collectively, however, they form a cohesive unit with a heart and passion to see people experience God through worship.

Truth Infusion Worship emphasizes the biblical concept that worship isn't something that starts and stops on a church platform; it is a way of life. Having led worship in countless churches, multiple denominations, and varied events; the band's desire is to meet the congregation where they are, then facilitate an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit is free to minister. No performance, no entertainment, no egos…just adoration to the Heavenly Father and service to His people.