Truth Infusion Evangelism

The Truth Infusion evangelists are ready to bring the Word of God to your congregation.

The preaching of the Word of God is the most powerful, life changing force in the universe. When Jesus commissioned the church, He commanded that we go into all the world and "preach" the Gospel. Truth Infusion Ministries is determined to preach the Gospel. Hard hitting, applicable, pointed preaching. Topics like: What is Truth? Who is Jesus? How do I affect the world I live in? The Truth is...We are passionate and excited about bringing the power of the Word to your congregation.

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Upcoming events

Sunday Morning Worship

April 7 @ 1045
Ashdown First Assembly
Ashdown, AR

End of the Trail

April 19 - 20
Hickory Hill Baptist Church
Avinger, TX

Night of Worship

April 27 @ 500
First Baptist Church
Nash, TX

Sunday Night Service

April 28 @ 530
Faith Missionary Baptist Church
New Boston, TX