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The preaching of the word of God is the most powerful, life changing force in the universe. When Jesus commissioned the church, He commanded that we go into all the world and "preach" the gospel. Truth Infusion Ministries is determined to preach the gospel. Hard hitting, applicable, pointed preaching. Topics like: What is true spiritual revival? What is the biblical purpose of the Church? How do I affect the world I live in? What is the job of the Holy Spirit in everyday life? The truth is...we are passionate and excited about bringing the power of the Word to your congregation.

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Truth Infusion Team

David Markham

With a heart to see the Church of the 21st century fulfill its true purpose and calling, David might be regarded as a "revivalist." After spending several years in leadership in a local church body, the call of God led David to begin Truth Infusion Ministries. Over the last decade he has led ministries in prisons and for the homeless, preached and taught in countless churches and denominations, led revivals and community wide crusades, and continued to develop a hunger to teach and preach the Word of God. David's wife, Jennifer, is a vocalist in the Truth Infusion Worship band, and also serves a member of the Ti board of directors.

Wesley Belk

Wesley is a fantastic teacher with the outreaching heart of an evangelist. Always ready to answer the call, he represents the preacher that is truly ready in and out of season. Wes has graciously accepted the invitation to fill several pulpits in the tri-state area. With a very relatable personality and delivery, Wes has the spiritual knack to deliver Biblical truths in way that keeps the listener leaning forward. He is also a very talented musician; playing the bass guitar in the Truth Infusion Worship Band. Wes' wife, Joy, is also very involved in the important, behind the scenes, activities of Truth Infusion Ministries.

Chuck Mancil

An engine is nothing without a spark plug and that is exactly what Chuck is for Truth Infusion Ministries…he's our spark plug. Overflowing with zeal and energy that is tempered by a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge, Chuck's enthusiasm for the Truth is contagious. With a personal testimony that is a case study on the delivering power of a loving God, Chuck has a heart for those burdened with the chains of addiction and dependence. This fact makes it easy to see why Chuck is Truth Infusion's jail/prison ministry pastor. He and his wife, Angela, are the parents of 2 fantastic girls, Hannah and Lydia.

Kelly Wright

Kelly is a gifted servant that operates effectively in several areas of ministry. For many years Kelly has served faithfully in his local church body, Ashdown First Assembly of God. He is a dedicated teacher of the Word, a church ministry leader, and a talented guitar player. However, for many people it's Kelly's unmatchable, magnetic personality that endears him to those that get to know him. It's his humble heart and captivating since of humor that allow him to deliver a pointed sermon with ease. Kelly also plays lead guitar in the Ti worship band. Kelly is married to Emily, they have 2 kids, Landon and Kyla.

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Night of Worship

Aug 17 | 600p
Law's Chapel
Atlanta, TX


Aug 23-24 | 700p
United Methodist Church
Vivian, LA


Sept 8-11
Southside Baptist Church
Hope, AR


Sept 15-18 | 700p
Trees Baptist Church
Vivian, LA