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Ti is ready to utilize a wide variety of approaches to share the truth of Jesus with the Church. Whether it's anointed preaching, inspirational praise and worship, or hard hitting radio commentary, the truth must be told.

  • Evangelism

    The preaching of the word of God is the most powerful, life changing force in the universe.

    When Jesus commissioned the church, He commanded that we go into all the world and "preach" the gospel.

    Music is great, but we were not commanded to go into the world and sing. Church programs can be beneficial, but they are not ...

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  • Worship

    Truth Infusion Worship

  • Broadcasting

    • The Blind Man That W...
    • What Is A Man of God...
    • What Is A Man of God...
    • Do You Believe This ...
    • Help With Temptation...


Almost Home
Truth Infusion


Ti Christmas
Truth Infusion


Same Old New Song
Truth Infusion


The Jordan Project
David Markham


Alabaster Box


The Gift
Johnny Payte



Night of Worship

Aug 17 | 600p
Law's Chapel
Atlanta, TX


Aug 23-24 | 700p
United Methodist Church
Vivian, LA


Sept 8-11
Southside Baptist Church
Hope, AR

Truth Infusion Worship

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and TRUTH.
The heart of Ti's music department is the Truth Infusion Worship Band.


Truth Infusion Ministry's calling is to be a voice of revival in these last days, to remind the people of God who they are and what they are suppose to be doing. As God is beginning to pour out the latter rain of his Spirit on the world, there is a remnant church that will take its place as the laborers of the final day's harvest. Denominations, traditions, and personal preferences are no longer acceptable excuses. It's time for the Church to be the's time for an infusion of the Truth.